City Councilman Fred Richardson recently told me in email that the grounds in Mobile, the streets, and Mobile's waterways are ALWAYS going to be trashy. Having visited other cities recently, I question that defeated philosophy because not all other cities are trashy like Mobile.

Leaders usually only get what they expect. Mr. Fred Richardson expects Mobile to be full of trash and he gets it. Mobile does not have to be trashy because we have City litter ordinances that prohibit having littered property. Good neighbor Fox10 News complies with the city litter code. The leader of Fox10 in Mobile obviously expects their property to be free of litter. If you go by Fox10 any day of the week you most likely will not see a single piece of litter on their property, anywhere. At least I never have. Kudos go to Fox10tv because they prove ground, streets, sidewalks, and drainage gutters on and along a large Mobile property can be kept litter free all year long.

You would think that after being sued by the environmental group Dog River Clearwater Revival for $50,000,000 over violations of the federal Clean Water Act due to pollution in the Dog River watershed, that the City of Mobile would get a little more aggressive toward keeping trash out of Dog River tributaries. If I can find trash poised to be flushed into Mobile's creeks this easy, so can the City Litter Enforcement Unit. We apparently don't have a Litter Enforcement Unit in Mobile anymore because if we did, the City would be getting rich from the fines they issue.

Ahhh, you're probably thinking, it is only a few pieces of litter. Get over it. Right? A piece of trash in the gutter here, in the parking lot over there, in the drainage ditch on the other side of your street, it all adds up. By the time all the trash in the 95 square mile watershed on the roads, in parking lots, in the gutters, and in the drainage ditches gets flushed into Mobile's main tidally influenced urban tributaries, the amount is significant.

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The much anticipated Three Mile Creek Cleanup headquartered at Lake Drive Tricentennial Park occurred yesterday, November 23rd, 2013. Above are the before and after photos of City property across the creek from the park. A very noticeable difference.

Fred Richardson, the City Council member who has never bothered to reply to any of my email or letter complaints about the trash pollution in Three Mile Creek watershed over the past two years, says, "We want canoes, kayaking, we want people to be able to walk and jog up and down Three Mile Creek, have picnics," as quoted from a FOX10tv report. Really Fred? You already have people trying to walk up and down the creek along the park trail, people trying to kayak Three Mile Creek. People are already able to do that. Trouble is, they can't enjoy the experience because the City won't keep Tricentennial Park clean nor will it remove the trash from the trash impaired waterway. Plus the City allows some garbage cans to overflow all year long at Tricentennial Park. Get a clue Councilmen. Nor is there a single trash filter in Three Mile Creek which has a serious storm water trash issue. Mow the trails, remove the trash and people will come.

Sandy Stimpson, the new Mayor of Mobile says, "Start doing something instead of just talking about it."  Stimpson's business, Scotch Gulf Lumber is located along Three Mile Creek not far downstream from Tricentennial Park. Stimpson owns the only boat ramp along Three Mile Creek (now off limits to motor boats) which is an area always littered with trash. I don't hold a lot of hope for ever seeing Three Mile Creek clean in my life time because the Mayor and the City think keeping waterways  should be work done by volunteers and the the Mayor and City continue to ignore the trash on their own properties. Neither the City nor State has anyone working full time removing trash from Mobile's many trash impaired waterways. Because of that, storm water trash just builds up and gets denser along Mobile's many urban ditches, creeks, rivers, and canals. In essence, the City and State have planned and implemented a successful way to keep Mobile's waterways polluted with garbage year after year. Where is ADEM? They've fined the City of Mobile twice and nothing has happened to correct the problem of there being no one removing the trash from the trash impaired waterways. The City chooses to rely on Volunteers to keep its waterways clean and every event, including this one has failed to remove much of the trash from the waterways.

The Three Mile Creek clean up event was organized by Mobile Bay National Estuary Program which is the same group that organized the "Clean Up the Bottom" event two years ago that failed so miserably to get the trash removed from Maple Street Canal - a 1/4 mile long canal which is still full of trash two years later despite multiple complaints to multiple agencies.

I took a looksee today to see how effective yesterday's Three Mile Creek cleanup effort was. Indeed, the banks of Three Mile Creek along Lake Drive Tricentennial Park and on the other side of the creek on the City's property had been picked clean of most storm water debris. See the before and after photos above. 600 bags of trash removed is 600 bags of trash gone and the difference was very visible. That is the success.

However, using volunteer effort once a year to remove trash from only a short portion of a large watershed is the same as putting a bandaid on someone who is cut from head to toe. Ignoring the rest of the garbage in and along Three Mile Creek for another 364 days is irresponsible. Now the public can sit on the bench at Tricentennial Park and look across Three Mile Creek at the shoreline of Mobile Infirmary, a shoreline still covered with trash because Mobile Infirmary seems to never remove the trash from their property's shoreline.

I think something reeks of City Parks department corruption for it to take such a large contingency of volunteers
to come in and remove the trash from a City Park shoreline because the Parks department ignored the trash all year long. Someone should be fired!

Anyway, kudos to all the volunteers for doing the City's work and removing the land based trash near Lake Drive Tricentennial Park. Thanks.

But, who is going to remove the trash from Three Mile Creek and Tricentennial Park Lake? Much of it is still there.

Below are  a few photos taken today.
If you think the City of Mobile Parks Department neglect at Lake Drive Tricentennial Park is an isolated incident, look around Arlington Park, Municipal Park, and Dog River Park. No one removes the trash near the waterways at those parks either. The below photos were taken today at Dog River Park.
Dauphin Island Parkway trashy roadside across from Flowerwood Nursery.
Dauphin Island Parkway is a route regularly used by trash trucks on a daily basis to get their load to Mobile's trash transfer station on nearby Hamilton Boulevard which is run by Waste Management. Because trash falls off trucks and blows out of poorly covered trucks in the winds, the trash companies along with the City and State should hire someone to go up and down Dauphin Island Parkway on a daily basis removing the roadside trash left by the messy trash collector trucks and litterers. You can tell by the above photo that it would need to be a full time job. Hey, I'd remove the roadside garbage daily using an Eco friendly bicycle with trash trailer if someone paid me.
According to Fox News the spend happy Government has given more than $20 BILLION dollars to Pakistan in the decade between 2001 and 2011. USA Today says Obama has just given Pakistan another $1.6 BILLION dollars.

Meantime on the home front, the City of Mobile can't afford to use garbage cans with lids
to keep out the wild dogs which roam the City in packs
or the intelligent black birds who love human food.
The above image is all too typical of what is seen in City of Mobile parks.

Billions of U.S. tax dollars given to a county that really, really hates Americans?

No wonder why Americans are growing increasingly indignant at Congress's wastes.
Congress is giving our hard earned tax dollars away while America's infrastructure decays.
Within the next decade it is expected that almost 50 percent
of America's bridges will be structurally deficient.
Want to know why there is no bridge being built over Mobile River?
The Country of Pakistan has the money that could have been used to build it.
Welcome to Hamilton Blvd - home to Waste Management.
Such a beautiful day. Decided to see if the Hwy 188 construction is done yet or not
which was suppose to include a 4 foot paved shoulder making for a safer bicycling.

Here are a few photos taken between beautiful Dauphin Island and Bayou La Trash.
Shoreline of Mobile River
There are some who think City of Mobile officials are neglecting the Dauphin Island Parkway Peninsula.
Today I rode the Government Street sidewalk from Dauphin Island Parkway to Cooper Park.
I was actually surprised to find the sidewalk on the South side of Government St. in pretty good shape.
There were however, many more 6 inch curbs to negotiate in downtown Mobile compared to DIP.

I don't think the City of Mobile is neglecting the Dauphin Island Parkway Peninsula at all.
The location of Ugly trash accumulations is quite predictable in Mobile just like DIP.
The most ugly places meaning the ones most contributing to waterway pollution are:
State Highways. Interstates. Convenience Stores. Dollar General, Family Dollar stores, and Parking Lots.
As long as no one makes the above property owners keep their property free of litter,
masses of litter on these properties will be sent into Mobile area waterways and left to rot.

Add Railroad companies to the list of big business entities ignoring the pollution on their property.

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Since monitoring the storm yesterday proved there was no storm water runoff issues, I waited until the cooler weather today to do the inspection. No change in Dog River and Eslava Creek. Until someone removes the waterway pollution, it is there to stay. For authorities to ignore it sure makes them look as stupid as they are.
In recent months there has been much hoopla about Dauphin Island Parkway Peninsula groups doing things to clean up the South Side's trashy image. Thought I'd take a looksee and report on how the groups are doing.

Without the City of Mobile getting involved and without local Businesses getting involved, the South Side will keep its trashy image. The South Side still looks like the dump it always has been. If DIPP wants the South Side to be clean, someone is going to have to go up and down Dauphin Island Parkway daily removing the public trash.

Same Ol Shit. Sidewalks and Streets are not being maintained. Convenience Stores and Shopping Centers are not being held accountable for keeping their properties clean. The State of Alabama ignores the garbage along Dauphin Island Parkway. The state of affairs around dumpsters is pathetic and no one gives a shit.

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McNally Park along the Buccaneer Yacht Club Canal was the cleanest I've ever seen it. At first I thought the City of Mobile finally did some litter cleaning. But, knowing the City doesn't give a shit, I asked around. Unbelievably, it wasn't any of the DIP groups doing the clean up at McNally Park, it was Lee, a volunteer who lives over near Fairhope going along with a Walmart Bag picking up trash. The Eastern Shore is so clean there is no trash to pick up so he comes to Mobile. That is pathetically funny and sadly true.
Dauphin Island Parkway at Theodore Industrial Canal is always trashy thanks to fishing pigs and litterers.
Here is a little lazy documentation of Mobile's Ugly Litter Problem.
These are Screen Captures from Google Maps and Google Street Views.

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One Mile Creek after the Alabama Coastal Cleanup.
The other day on the local evening news there was footage of a City automated trash collection truck at work while the reporter was talking about the raise City of Mobile employees were just given. The trash truck lifted one of the city garbage cans, hoisted and dumped the trash, and a lot of loose trash was seen spilling to the ground.

The result of the City of Mobile's dysfunction trash collection system is the City is a major contributor to the trash that ends up on the roadsides and in ditches where it ends up getting flushed into the storm water system.

Then there is the mowing of trash and leaving it by City and State mowing crews. I can understand a piece here and there can be missed, but when they mow through garbage dumps and ignore the trash, that is wrong.
What is in Mobile's rivers? The same garbage the City of Mobile leaves on the streets and in roadside ditches.
One Mile Creek after the Alabama Coastal Cleanup.