Although not a gully washer there was about 1.5 inches of rain as a fast moving cold front moved through this morning. It did generate some water in the ditches so I did a site visit to the new Eslava Creek Litter Trap which yielded some interesting observations. There were 4 (FOUR) City of Mobile vehicles in the area, one stopping in the middle of the bridge to get out and look at the Litter Trap. I wonder how much gas money that wasted considering none of them actually did anything.

First odd thing - something was bubbling to the surface like blobs of oil behind the litter trap. They probably put grease on the unit so it can rise and fall as the water levels change. Second odd thing was more trash went underneath the trap and continued on downstream as compared to the amount of trash the trap actually captured. That would be less than a 50% capture rate based on my short observation.

A bamboo tree downstream of the litter trap caught more trash than the Litter Trap. When the next heavy rain comes along, all that garbage by the bamboo tree will be carried on down into Dog River because the City still does not have a single person removing garbage from its creeks and rivers.

The costly Litter Trap removed 1-2 bags of garbage today matching what one laborer could do in an hour. The City of Mobile now has to use an expensive crane, a crew to get the crane there, man hours to do the work to remove the garbage from the Litter Trap and man hours to haul off the garbage. The cost to remove those 2 bags of garbage using Dog River Clearwater Revival's demanded Litter Trap is enormous and Eslava Creek is still sending garbage downstream. 

The reality of garbage in the water is - as long as no one is removing it, the garbage will stay trapped in the tidal zone until a gully washer sends it downstream. Based on today's kayak trip there is no change in Eslava Creek, Bolton Branch, nor Dog River - the garbage is still there. Here are some photos taken today.


12/24/2012 4:10pm

Clean up to your hearts content. Or get some folks together and hire someone yourself to pick up other losers trash


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